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A working at heights course is a training for workers who work at a height of more than four feet. Every time you are working at a height that high, then there is always the risk for an accident. Thus, the course will teach the safety equipment that will need to be worn in order to avoid any accidents from happening. Since you are just doing your job, the last thing you would want to happen is to get into an accident that may result in a week or two at the hospital. Instead of getting income, you will even spend money when your hospital bills end up piling up each day you spend there. Thus, better pay attention to what the working at heights course would teach you. The courses involve instructors who are used to working to such a high level. Also, communication between people working at a high level and a low one will be taught too. You know it will be hard for them to communicate with the people below even if you shout especially with all the machines being operated at the construction site. Safety for people at a high level involves a lot more than a safety helmet.

You will be tested with regards to the maximum height that you will be afraid of. When that happens, you would want to avoid that at all costs. However, you would need to work there one way or the other so you would need to face it eventually. When that time comes, it would be time to tell your supervisor to entrust that task to somebody else who is not afraid of heights. You can be honest as that would be a lot better rather than endangering your safety. The working at heights course would involve using materials that would prevent you from falling. When you fall to the ground, you could be seriously injured. As a result, you will be taught to use a safety belt among other things. Another thing that will be taught is the installation of safety net. This is the material that will be used in order to catch being falling from a high altitude. As they say, it is the last resort for those who end up losing focus on the task at hand. No matter how confident you are of your skills, this is one course you must take.