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Described as the ‘Father of Australian Explorers’, for his developing, fostering and mentoring of such luminaries of Australian Exploration as the Gregorys and the Forrests, Roe completed a number of important expeditions of exploration of his own, all contained in this impressive volume.

John Septimus Roe was Western Australia’s first Surveyor General, a position he held for 43 years.

Roe’s four major expeditions were:
1835 Perth to King George Sound;
1836 to Wongan Hills;
1847 to Champion Bay and Hutt River; and
1848-1849 to Russell Ranges.

To provide a complete recording of his explorations in one volume, a number of expeditions, first published in Western Australian Exploration 1826-1835, have been included in this Volume.

The Western Australian Explorations of John Septimus Roe 1829-1849 was published in 2014.