Contributing Authors Western Australian Exploration 1846-1859


Lenore Layman is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Murdoch University and an historian with a strong interest in Western Australia. She is also collaborating on Australian Research Council research projects relating to the East Perth Power Station and the electrification of Perth, as well as a history of the goldfields town of Leonora-Gwalia. Her publications include Organise! A visual record of the labour movement in Western Australia, and Rica’s Stories, in addition to numerous articles on aspects of Western Australia’s industrial, labour and health history. Lenore is president of the Royal Western Australia Historical Society, a committee member of the Professional Historians Association of Western Australia, and the Society for the Study of Labour History’s Perth Branch.

The Introduction

J.M.R. (Jim) Cameron is a graduate of the University of Western Australia. He is an Adjunct Professor of History at Murdoch University. As the Foundation Dean of Education at Charles Darwin University he worked with a number of educational systems in Asia and the Pacific before returning to Western Australia. He combines an interest in teacher education and the historical geography of the European occupation of Australia, and has published widely in both fields. His books include Ambitions Fire: The Colonization of Pre-convict Western Australia; Letters from Port Essington; The Millendon Memoirs; and Lieutenant Bunbury’s Australian Sojourn.

Appendix on Fauna

Dr Ian Abbott, ecologist, is the Senior Principal Research Scientist, Science Division, Dept of Conservation and Environment.. He has wide field experience and expertise in biogeography and historical ecology, as well as trees, birds and invertebrates. Since his first publication in 1970 he has published more than 200 papers.

Appendix on Flora

Dr Alex George worked at the Western Australian Herbarium from 1959 to 1981 and then spent twelve years in Canberra as Executive Editor of the Flora of Australia project. In 1993 he returned to Perth where he has his own consultancy as a botanist, editor and indexer. He has served twice at Kew as Australian Botanical Liaison Officer (ABLO)—in 1968 and 2004–05—and spent another year there when his partner Roberta Cowan was ABLO in 2002–03. His taxonomic research has focused on the families Proteaceae, Myrtaceae and Gyrostemonaceae, resulting in naming many new species and several new genera. He has also studied the botanical history of Australia.