Contributing Authors
Exploring Eastwards

Appendix on Fauna

Dr Ian Abbott, ecologist, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Science Division, Dept of Conservation and Environment. Has wide field experience and expertise in biogeography and historical ecology, as well as trees, birds and invertebrates. Since his first publication in 1970 he has published more than 200 papers.

Appendix on Flora

Dr Alex George worked at the Western Australian Herbarium from 1959 to 1981 and then spent twelve years in Canberra as Executive Editor of the Flora of Australia project. In 1993 he returned to Perth where he has his own consultancy as a botanist, editor and indexer. He has served twice at Kew as Australian Botanical Liaison Officer (ABLO)—in 1968 and 2004–05—and spent another year there when his partner Roberta Cowan was ABLO in 2002–03. His taxonomic research has focused on the families Proteaceae, Myrtaceae and Gyrostemonaceae, resulting in naming many new species and several new genera. He has also studied the botanical history of Australia.

Appendix on Firearms

Geoff Blackburn, OAM, writer, historian, and consulting geologist is the author of The Children’s Friend Society – Juvenile Immigration to Australia, South Africa and Canada 1833-1842; Conquest and Settlement: the 21st Regiment of Foot (Royal North British Fusiliers) in Western Australia 1833-40; and Calvert’s Golden West.

Appendix on Granite Outcrops

Professor Stephen Hopper, AC, is a plant conservation biologist, best known for pioneering research leading to positive conservation outcomes in south-west Australia and for the collaborative description of 300 new plant taxa.
Professor Hopper is a former Director of Kings Park and Botanic Garden and was Chief Executive Officer of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority from 1999-2004. As Foundation Professor of Plant Conservation Biology at The University of Western Australia from 2004-2006, he developed new theory on the evolution and conservation of biodiversity on the world’s oldest landscapes, and led the establishment of new degrees in conservation biology. He was the 14th Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew from 2006- 2012. In 2012 he become Winthrop Professor of Biodiversity at UWA.