What We Are Working On Now

The work of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project is ongoing. At any time there is always a number of volumes in preparation.

The Series Editors, Peter Bridge and Kim Epton are working on Exploring Eastward and expect to be able to publish it in 2015. As well as covering the major pushes to the eastward by the Dempsters, Clarkson, Lefroy and Hunt, and journeys to the Hampton Plains by Forrest and Simpson, the volume includes exploration by Monger, H.Y.L.Brown and others. Some were looking for pastoral land, others for a route through to the eastern colonies.

Sheryl Milentis, Principal Editor of Western Australian Exploration 1846-1859 expects to have her volume completed in 2015. This is the third chronological volume.

It is expected that exploration in the Kimberley will produce three volumes in the Western Australian Exploration series. The initial volume First Forays Into the Kimberley, concentrating on Martin, Sholl, Panter, and McRae is being prepared by Zoe Inman.

Mark Chambers’ research on desert exploration extends back many years. His great depth of knowledge on the subject will culminate in the publication of Exploration in the Central Deserts in 2015. He is being assisted by Phil Bianchi who has just completed Work Completed, Canning.