Western Australian Exploration 1836-1845
EDITORS   Dr Marion Hercock and Sheryl Milentis
Foreword by the Minister for Heritage, the Honourable Mr G.M. (John) Castrilli, MLA.

This second chronological volume of Western Australia Exploration covers the push outward from the developing Swan River Colony into the hinterland, particularly the southern corner of the State.

This is a significant publication on Western Australian history and one of the first of its type in Australia.

More than four years of collecting, collating, typing and proofing by the members of the Project Committee has gone into Western Australian Exploration 1836-1845, ensuring it is an essential and accurate reference for all interested in Western Australian exploration history. It reproduces the original reports, letters and diaries that record expeditions of discovery in Western Australian for the period from 1836 to 1845. Many of these records from the state archives have never been presented in such an accessible form, with summaries and explanatory notes.

There are 100 exploration reports by 41 different colonial writers.

Each original exploration report is preceded by a boxed summary of the expedition, listing the participants, departure and finish dates and places, route outline, modern topographical map references and archival sources.

Detailed biographical notes on the settlers, aborigines and surveyors who took part in the explorations have been collated by Sheryl Milentis.

Experts in the fields of geography, botany, zoology, and aboriginal history have prepared the introduction, plant and animal indexes and an essay to complement the explorers’ writings.

Western Australian Exploration 1836-1845 includes an index of people, an index of places and a general index, all cross-referenced, explanatory footnotes and comprehensive referencing throughout.

ISBN 978-0-85905-495-9
Released 2011
Hardcover (case bound), dust jacket, 460pp, illustrated, 1.4 kg
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