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Western Australian Exploration 1826-1835
Principal Editor
Joanne Shoobert is a professional costume and set designer. Her university studies in history have been sidetracked by her pursuit of a certificate in graphic pre-press. She has been a long time member of various genealogical, history and military history societies.

Typing, Proofreading, Editorial and Other Assistance
Dr Ian Abbot
Shirley Babbis
Shirley Barnes
Phil Bianchi
Peter Bridge, OAM
Gail Dreezens
Kim Epton
Dr Marion Hercock
Sheryl Milentis
Ian Murray
Allan Zweck
Howard Willis is an editorial consultant and archival researcher with over 30 years experience in publishing and the book trade. He wrote Bad Blood, a study of New Zealand’s largest armed manhunt, and is preparing for publication a transcription and detailed annotation of Robert John Sholl’s 1865 (Camden Harbour) Journal. A regular book reviewer for the West Australian for 15 years, Howard also occasionally writes for the Canberra Times.