The Western Australian Explorations of John Septimus Roe
    • Edited, with an Introduction by Dr Marion Hercock.
    • Foreword by Mr Ian Roe.
    • Reproduces Roe’s original reports that record his expeditions of discovery in Western Australian for the period from 1829 to 1849.
    • Many of these records from the State Archives have never before been presented in such an accessible form.
    • The dust jacket features Roe’s 1848 sketch of Mount Ragged in the Russell Range.
    • Includes Roe’s landscape drawings and sketches, many never before published.
    • Shows the environment and people of Western Australia as seen at first contact.
    • Sixteen expeditions of exploration, including the diary accounts and official reports.
    • Modern location maps and colonial maps, and a map drawn by Roe that has never been published before.
    • Index of people and places and a general index. Indexes of native plants and native animals.
    • Two hundred and seventeen species of plant identified by botanist Professor A.S. George.
    • Thirty-six species of animal identified by ecologist-zoologist Dr Ian Abbott.
    • Two hundred and thirty indigenous Western Australian place names recorded by Roe
    • Over one hundred and fifty drawings and sketch maps.
    • An essay on navigation and hydrography by geographer Professor Vivian Louis Forbes.
    • Includes biographical notes on the people who took part in expeditions of exploration with Roe.