Editorial Team
The Finest Goldfields in the World

Peter Bridge, OAM
Peter Bridge, is a series editor of Western Australian Exploration and a founder of the project. He established Hesperian Press in 1969 and has produced over 500 publications, mainly on aspects of Australian history. His own published works include research and geological indexes for the mining industry, several books and many edited collections and reminiscences.

Kim Epton
Kim Epton is a series editor of Western Australian Exploration and a founder of the project. He is the author of Publishing Your Book with Hesperian Press; C.C. Hunt’s 1864 Koolyanobbing Expedition; and Rivers of the Kimberley. Since helping to establish the project, his role is now one of marketing, assisting in financing future volumes, and the determination of prescriptive documents for proofreading and editing of the diaries.

Marion Hercock
Marion Hercock, FRGS has a PhD from the University of Western Australia, where she is an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Earth and Environment. A geographer, her publications include works on environmental management and history, environmental resources, geographical thought and 19th century geographers, as well as tourism and recreation. She was the principal editor of Western Australian Exploration 1836–1845.

William Kitson, PSM
Bill Kitson is the Senior Museum Curator of the Museum of Lands Mapping and Surveying in Queensland.  Widely acknowledged as an expert in the fields of exploration, land settlement history and early surveying of Queensland, Bill Kitson was Queensland Surveyor of the Year 2000.  He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Surveyors, Australia and the Spatial Science Institute, an Honorary Member of the Royal Australian Survey Corps and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland.

Sheryl Milentis
Sheryl Milentis is an historical researcher and a principal editor with the WAEDP. Her interests are in early criminal history, prostitution and genealogy, with some 30 years research experience. She has contributed to a history of policing in Western Australia, and co-edited The Scarlet Stain, a social history of the early years of Kalgoorlie prostitution. Sheryl’s forebears arrived on the Marquis of Anglesea, the third ship to the Swan River Colony, in August 1829. Her other colonial ancestors include the King family of Guildford and of Gingin, and the Andrews family of Fremantle. She was a principal editor of Western Australian Exploration 1836–1845 and she is currently preparing the third chronological volume in the Western Australian Exploration series for publication.