Future Volumes

Further Kimberley Volumes are envisioned. While much material has been collected and collated, exploration in the Kimberley from 1879 through to 1970 is not currently being worked on.

Series Editor Kim Epton’s perennial task The Forrest Brothers will detail all of John and Alexander Forrest’s Explorations in the one publication for the first time ever.

Work on the importantNorth West Exploration is expected to commence in 2015 after Exploring Eastwards is published.

Work on the Walker Brothers 1913 Expedition has been ongoing for some time and the volume is expected to be ready for publication in 2015.

As part of the series it is planned to produce a volume titled Fantastic and Imaginary Voyages, Expeditions and Explorations. No date has been set for publication of this volume but material is continuously collected as it becomes available.

The definitive Biographical Dictionary of Explorers will be published as the Western Australian Exploration series nears completion.

Note that pre-settlement marine exploration and the exploration of caves in Western Australia are not within the Scope of the Project.