Series Editors
Peter Bridge

Peter Bridge is the principal of Hesperian Press.  He brings thirty five years of experience to the Project.  He is the author of The Eagles Nest, editor of Dollypot,On Gold! and Aboriginal Perth and co-editor of Kimberley Scenes.Peter’s technical publications include Alphabetical Index to the 1954 “List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases Which Have Produced Gold” ; Combined Index to the Publications of the Geological Survey of W.A. 1910-1970; Mineral and Locality Index to the Publications of the W.A. Government Chemical Laboratories 1922-1970.

Peter is the Chairman of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project.



Kim Epton

Kim Epton is the author of Publishing Your Book with Hesperian PressC.C. Hunt’s 1864 Koolyanobbing Expedition; and Rivers of the Kimberley.

Since helping to establish the Project his role has been one of marketing and assisting in financing future volumes, and maintaining the Project’s website.

Kim has written the series of ten Guidelines that cover the preparation and publishing of Western Australian Exploration and he maintains the Project’s specialist ‘Dictionary’.