These Guidelines have been prepared to assist Typists, Scanners, Proofreaders, Contributing Authors, and Editors to produce high quality, consistent, professionally presented volumes of the Western Australian Exploration series.

01-Structure of a Volume March 2015.
02-Proofreading a Scanned Transcript March 2015.
03-Transcript Preparation March 2015.
04-Editorial Interventions March 2015.Updated 10 March 2015
05-Proofreading March 2015.
06-Synopses March 2015.
07-Shortened Forms March 2015.Updated 10 March 2015
08-Referencing March 2015.Updated 10 March 2015
09-Contributing Authors March 2015
10-Indexing (in preparation)
11-Check for Proscribed Words March 2015.
12-Preparing a Volume for Publication (in preparation)