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So you want to sell your existing car! Perhaps, you found a better model matching your preferences. Maybe, your current vehicle has become old and outdated. No matter the reason, getting rid of your car can be a task. Many car owners sell their vehicles for some reason. You ought to do some legwork to find an ideal buyer. Here’s how to sell my car quickly in Australia.

Tips to sell your car fast

When it boils down to selling their vehicles, most individuals don’t bother much. They just explore a few offline or online outlets to dispose of their car. Sadly, many such sellers land an undesirable deal. Selling your car is an art and warrants some skills. The following tips might help you find a potential buyer quickly.

Tweak your car

Most sellers don’t invest in their existing car before offering it for sale. Such vehicle owners hardly find a potential; buyer. Even if they manage to find one, they get a measly price offer. If you want to avoid such scenes, renovate your vehicle. Clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Repair/replace the damaged part. A car in good working condition with better looks sells quickly even during tough economic times.

Set the right price

Be realistic about the offer price of your vehicle. Gauge the market by researching online and offline portals. Remember, an overpriced car will deter potential buyers. So, set the right price, neither too high nor too low. As a thumb rule, have an upper and lower price limit in your mind. That will let you land a better bargain while negotiating with the buyer.

Get the documents in order

Before you hunt for buyers, get all the required documents. Buyers don’t want to get involved in any issues for want of a document. You may want to gather the owner’s manual, service records, and the logbook. Also, collect insurance and warranty papers.


After doing the necessary legwork, it’s all about advertising your sale. Highlight the plus points and add-ons your car has. Next, use offline and online resources to list your car. Additionally, team up with a couple of car listing agencies. Within no time, you might receive calls from a few interested buyers. Compare their offers and choose the best one that’s close to your expectations.

Bottom line

Selling your car fast can be a tedious task. You may either have to wait for months or settle for a low price. However, you may get away with such issues easily. Stick to the above tips to find a better bargain for your car quickly.