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With the emergence of open office plans, shared co-working spaces, and remote work, hot-desking has become a popular contemporary working life. It offers individuals a chance to work where and when they wish to and is a common technique utilized by self-employed people and developed corporations to stay connected and more productive. Flexible services like JustCo All Access and JustCo On-Demand provide convenient access to hot desks.

The hot desking concept has a wide range of benefits, including efficiency and flexibility to intangibles such as creativity and community.

What is Hot-desking, exactly?

Hot-desking refers to an organization workstation system in which various individuals utilize desks at different times on a daily routine. Generally, the aim is to exploit space efficiency and ease the associated real-estate risks by eliminating redundant organization space.

Hot desks can be used in co-working spaces as well as private workstations. Hot desking features flexibility, which boosts employee novelty, while the social aspect is cited as a great method to encourage cross-disciplinary cooperation.

How does hot desking function?

Get a desk, plugin and start working:

Hot desks offer working space for experts to work as required in both shared and private spaces. This means that the necessities for hot desking might differ based on the atmosphere, though there are fundamental factors to consider, including:

• Internet and technology

Hot desking would not be possible if it were not for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and all workstations with hot desking organizations ought to offer WIFI to accommodate. However, some users need more than just a PC to deliver their work efficiently. For that reason, our hot desks come with an HDMI, DVI, VGA connection, and a monitor, giving users a chance to plug in and temporarily utilize a second screen.

• Printing facilities

Like booking conference spaces, our hot desking facilities often have printers that users use via a web log-in and an application. These central printers are managed and controlled by the community group in shared workstations and internally by organization managers in private surroundings.

• Private space, particularly when required

Many experts request some privacy during a busy day, whether for strategic planning or attending meetings discussing financial matters. These discussions are mostly too sensitive and confidential for a hot desk, mainly when you are surrounded by individuals from other companies or teams and need a more private room.

At JustCo, we offer private spaces for taking confidential calls and holding sensitive meetings. We also offer sound-proofed private phone booths as well as private nooks for having conversations or taking calls.

JustCo On-Demand

This provides unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to access meeting rooms and hot-desks in over one hundred and ninety accessible points across seventeen major towns, without the monthly limitation.


This unlocks access to private offices, conference rooms, and hot desks in various parts of the country.

Advantages of JustCo hot desking solutions

• Effective for larger groups

• You can choose your own ambiance

• Improved level of collaboration and communication

• It is a “Stay focused, stay tidy solution.”

• Cheaper solution

With our hot-desk membership solution, you can access our private and shared workstation space, coffee bar, and private spaces to hold confidential meetings and sensitive calls. Come and confirm for yourself; book your space today!