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5 room BTO is used for the house which is a combined housing type with both BTO and DTO. It can be said to be a development of BTO and DTO. There are many differences when compared with the two types of housing. 5-room BTO renovation requires the following tips or you can visit for more tips.

1. The layout of 5 room BTO

5 room BTO is a slightly different layout when compared with the two types of housing. The living room is separated from the kitchen, while the dining room is combined with the kitchen. There are two reasons for this. One is to save space. Some people do not like to store furniture inside their houses. In this case, you can avoid this problem by placing your furniture outside your house or in other rooms. Another reason is that many people have a dining table that takes up a lot of space, so it will be better if you can put the table in a separate place to save space for other things.

2. Bedroom Layout

When designing a bedroom, you need to take into consideration that the room will not only be used for sleeping but also as a place for other activities. So when designing your bedroom, it would be better to place the bed away from windows and doors. The choice of furniture depends on this reason. If you have a window in your bedroom, you should avoid placing a large wardrobe inside it as it will obstruct the sightline of other rooms.

3. Bedroom Style

5 room BTO is different from the two types of housing. The bedroom in 5 room BTO only has one bed (single bed). So the size of 5 room BTO should also be reduced. If you have too much space, you can move the table for a more compact bedroom.

4. Kitchen layout

When designing your kitchen, you can place furniture at an angle in the corner, and then cover it with a curtain to make it look more compact. You can also use an island to add space to the kitchen while still being used as a working area. However, when you are planning your kitchen, try to keep your furniture as far away from windows as possible.